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The childishness, the youthfulness, elegance, style, and affordability are combined harmoniously in a splendid collection of silver jewelery mainly, aimed at all ages. This collection is based on the design harmony of the circle and includes infant, juvenile temporal but also modern jewelery

The "odor" of spring and
Easter is a source of
inspiration for this fashionable jewelry collection, renewed every year in designs and combinations

Ancient symbols are elegantly combined in a trendy jewelry collection, designed for men and women driven mainly on affordability

It is a beloved collection
of jewelry at very affordable cost, which is inspired by the coming year. Within the designes cleverly entangled symbolism and wishes with the chronology and create unique fashionable jewelry but especially over time!!
A collection of charms that are mainly jewelry!
  greek goddess  
The favorite jewel of Greek women ... THE EYE...
with smart and original designs, in a collection of silver and brass jewelery with intense colors and summer mood

"Greek Goddess" collection is inspired by the Aphrodite' s symbol, the Rose. Combines Greek mythology with the harmony of the universe and Greek aesthetics of ancient times and 19th century

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