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The "key of life" made of gold K14 & pearl, with the baby's monogram is a beautiful christening present


Hector's mother choose to wear a ring made  of silver 925 and cubic zirconium, with her son's monogram, on the day of his christening


Necklace made of silver 925 and cubic zirconium, with a monogram wearing a crown can be a christening present for a little "princess"

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One christening, two presents: A necklace for mom made of gold K14 & cubic zirconium, with her monogram and her son's and a bracelet for godmother with the sign of infinity made also of gold K14 & cubic zirconium


Grandparents gave to Iphigenia a necklace made of rose gold K14 & pearl as a present for her christening


Christening's theme is the air hot balloon...so we made a necklace made of silver 925 with the shape of air hot balloon and the baby's monogram

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A christening with autumn theme: the forest animals...presents for godmother and young godfather: a necklace with the "wise owl" and the monograms of her and the baby's and a bracelet made of silver 925 with the "tree of life" and the godfather's and baby's name


Christening present for Zoe...  a bracelet made of gold K14, with her name on it and a butterfly with enamel


A christening with a "surf" theme. The presents of the three godmothers were three necklaces made of silver 925 & pearl with the shape o f a wave their monograms and the baby's

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One heart in two pieces with Isminis monogram. Two necklaces made of rose gold K14 & cubic zirconium for the two grandmothers


Vasilia''s godmothers  were students of her mother. A "book" is their connection. That relationship inspired us to create the godmothers' presents. Two necklaces made of silver 925 and cubic zirconium with the godmothers' and the baby's monogram


Bracelet made of pink gold K14, a christening present for Elena

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2 platinum plated silver bracelets, gift to Godmother



Triple bracelet gold K14 & agate, a present for Melina's Godmother



George and Lefteris were baptized in Crete. We designed 2 bracelets for their Godfathers (combining their monogram with the baby's) and a bracelet and a necklace for their parents combining the 2 babies' monograms. all made of silver 925


Christina and her godmother share the same heart...in a bracelet designed to remind them the day of the christening. Pink gold K14 and round brilliant diamond

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Tag necklace for Fillip with his zodiac sign and the date of his christening. Gold K18 & enamel




Tag bracelet with godmother's and baby's initial and the date of the christening. Gift for the godmother. Pink gold K14


A mermaid tail necklace, made of pink gold K14 and a round brilliant diamond, christening present for little Mirto




Tag bracelet made of gold K14, present for Nikolas christening , with engraving the emblem of his favorite football team...OLYMPIAKOS


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A christening present for Katerina, a necklace decorated with windmills, inspired by the location of her christening. platinum plated silver 925 & enamel



A Butterfly theme christening. Cross  from our collection, pink gold K14 & sapphires, bracelet with the name Ioanna and a butterfly with enamel (pink gold k14) a present from godmother and butterflies earrings, pink gold K14 and zirconia, present from great grandmother

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Bracelet made of pink gold K14 & enamel, for the baptism of beautiful Konstantina!


Bracelets made of white gold K14 and blue eyes, gifts for Alexander's godmothers. Half heart for every godmother


Bracelets made of silver 925 with pink gilding and macrame for Maria-Vasiliki's godmothers. On one side write godmother and on the other the kid's name and date of baptism


Necklace with s monogram and crown, made of gold K14, for Sofia's godmother!

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Necklace for her godmother made of white gold K14 and amethyst with monograms of godmother and godchild.
Bracelet with chain for second godmother in pink gold K14 and amethyst with monograms of godmother and godchild.
Chain bracelet for child's mom, pink gold K14 and amethyst.


Necklace with chain for the godmother, from gold K14, with the monograms of her family


Bracelet in pink gold K14 and pearl, for the godmother of Siren to remember the godchild but also her sister


Necklace with chain from platinum plated silver 925 and zircon, for the godmothers of Vassiliki, with the monograms of every godmother and child!

Butterfly necklase in gold K14, goldfish & sapphire   Necklace & bracelet with monogram. Family affair ... with parent's & little Fay's initials & a gift for the godfather   Baptism’s gift in pink gold K14  

Necklace for the godmothers of the "Little Prince" Panos in pink gold K14 & cufflinks for his godfather in platinum plated silver 925


IOLI: dedicated to a blonde Ioli, in her baptism - platinum K14 & agates

  Fancy bracelets with Vespa theme & electric guitar for the MOST rock baptism! - silver 925 & enamel   Life's key!! Baptism's gift in gold K14 & pearl
Necklace in shape of the letter E in platinum plated silver 925 & turquoise, a fine baptism’s gift   Necklace in platinum plated silver 925 specially designed baptism’s gift   Two monograms necklace in pink gold K14, gift ordered by grandma for her twin granddaughters, baptism occasion   Monogram gold K18 and diamonds brilliant cut gift for godmother

Baptism gift pink gold 14K bracelet with diamonds and a pink eye


Wristbands made of pink gold K14 as baptism gifts

  Bracelet monogrammed in gold K14, specially designed gift from godmother to the future godchild
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Monogram pendants for three godmothers made of  platinum plated silver 925 and zirconium, a project inspired by Mom   Two half pendants hearts in white gold K14 and sapphires from Maro for two godmothers  

Gift of godmother instead of cross, pendant monogram in platinum plated silver 925

  Necklace monograms in pink gold K14... grandmother gift for her granddaughter

Gift for the godfather and godmother made of silver 925 and Gold K14 with their monograms


Necklaces: one in pink gold K14 and fuchsia sapphires and the other in pink gold K14 and agate... the bracelets are in silver plated 925

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Monogram necklace in pink gold K18... gift for godmother  

Wristbands in white gold K14 as baptism gifts


Key pendant Fa in platinum plated silver 925, specially designed for baptism gift


Bracelets made of pink gold K14 to remember mom and godmother baptism of young Vasia

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Bracelet two-sided, thank you letter made of gold K14 with zirconium, a gift for godmother


Four godmothers for a godchild in a picnic field full of butterflies, monogram necklace for mom and bracelets with monograms for three daughters all butterfly-shaped, all in pink gold K14 and with the monogram of little Fanny


Bracelet with name in pink gold K14  and diamonds, baptism gift from grandmother to Angela with love

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Nanny with fish M white gold K14, for the birth of Emmanuel, gift of his beloved aunt and two bracelets made of gold K14 were gifts for his baptism from his aunt and grandmother


"Orpheus' lyre", silver plated brass, wood and Plexiglas, gift from grandparents with love.
Necklace in pink gold K14 and sapphires with the monogram of the godmother and Orpheus, gift for godmother, wristband with lyre and monogram made of silver 925 for mom

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Baptism gift for twins with their names made of 925 in pink gold plated


Bracelet with the monogram GM forming a heart in pink gold K14 and amethyst, gift for godmother

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